Raves & Reviews

Love Love Love the pics!!! You are fantastic! But you already know that! I really can't thank you enough for all you have done. Amy

Hey, thanks so much, I appreciate all that you have done for me. It really touches my heart to know that someone steps out of their way to make things work. I am so thankful!!! I know for a fact that I will love everything because I do now. I'm so excited for all this to come through. Thank you so much again... I will email you when it arrives. Shakell

I have been meaning to follow up with you to tell you that you are extremely talented and have found your calling in life. We are thrilled with the pictures. Thank you so much. Please keep them on file as we will ask you to create an album after a few photo shoots. Natalie

I started sending out Christmas cards this week (after buying new pens). A friend posted this on my Facebook wall today: I am blown away by the Bockstahler family holiday card! It's absolutely gorgeous!!! Each year I have a "card of the year" and this one is going to be tough to beat this year..." I have to say I agree with her. I keep looking at them too! Just wanted to share.... RB

Hi Connie. Love them! Now comes the hard part... deciding! Thanks so much! You were great to work with and really had Kaitlyn eating out of your hand! Talk to you soon. Karen

Hi Connie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! and am sooo excited to share them with friends and family :) I was wondering if you could put a few on my Facebook page? The pictures I would like to have on there are 19, 35, 43, 51, 55, 60, 67, 74, 87, and 88. Thanks so very much for everything! Hannah

They are great! I love them! I'm not quite sure what is up with Isaac... he used to like smiling for the camera. I'm not sure how I'll ever decide on Emma's pictures --- she has so many good ones. Now comes the hard part... deciding! Thanks again! Tanya

Thanks so much for all your work on the Christmas cards. They turned out really great! Everyone loves them! I really have enjoyed working with you and hope to in the future. I know we will need to order open house invites so I'll be calling you about that. Have a wonderful vacation/time off with your family, you deserve it. Thanks so much! Beth Hall

Hi there! We love the pictures!!! We'll place our order onFriday when we figure out what we want to do. Thanks so much, you do beautiful work. Take care and have a great week! Sincerely, Julie Parker

Hey Connie!! I LOVE my pictures!! You did such a great job!! My mom and I are so happy with how they all turned out!! It's going to be so hard to decide which ones to get!! Aimee

Connie I absolutely love all of them! I can't wait to see the group pics and the rest of Audra's!! Thanks so much for everything, it was so much fun! Kayla

LOVE THEM! Amy Skwarcan


Thanks so much for shooting Sam's senior pictures. We are all very happy with them. So happy I can't decide which ones to order. So, I just ordered the whole disc! It was a pleasure working with you, and I will refer anyone who is looking for a photographer to contact you. Sincerely, Beverly Brewer

Thank you so much for all you've done. I can only thank you even more by helping you find some BD reps for next year. I really appreciate everything you've done for my family and I. We will definitely consider and recommend you in the future. Again, thank you so much! Love Jodi & Family P.S. Everyone loves my pictures! I'm ready to graduate now. Thanks for the card and encouraging words!

Walking out to the mailbox in this wet, dreary weather was worth it! We received our holiday cards today and they are just lovely... the pearl paper is beautiful and my children's faces pop like little cherubs. The cards are both unique and personal. Thank you for your patience with my revisions. I always consider the mailing of our family card to be my Christmas miracle, but you have made this year's task pleasant! Today is the second of December and I can address my cards gracefully... Thank you, thank you, thank you. Holiday blessings to you and your family. Sara

Connie: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! They are just beautiful! Maya is sooooo serious but it really shows her personality and Cole's eyes just pop. My mother-in-law cried as she watched the slideshow. I'm sure I'll have questions. Talk to you soon! Kristin

Connie, these pictures are incredible! How are we ever going to choose? I have been showing everyone at Brownsburg High School. You know our younger son will be a senior in two years. We will definately be back! Jane Andrick

Wow! Thank you for the wonderful picture assortment of our son, Jeremy. We are having such fun looking through them and hope to have an order for you very soon. Thanks again! Sincerely, Carmen Raths

OMG!! So far everyone "loves" them. She has another friend that is going to call you!! They look awesome!!! Let me tell you, it is going to be hard to decide!!! Take care, Shelly

Connie! I cannot believe you went home on Friday night and did this! :) They are great. I can't wait to see more! And, I can't thank you enough. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you-- you're really good! ;) Finally, the family is all gone and we're relaxing watching TV. It was a wonderful weekend... . I'll talk to you soon. Thanks again! Lisa

Hey Connie, it's Stephanie, I have a few friends that want you to do their senior pictures and I just wanted to email you and tell you that because they said they would be calling you. I love my pictures!!!!!!!

Connie, I just wanted to say thank you for taking Steph's senior pictures, we can't wait to see them!!!! Stephanie has already gotten a lot of great compliments just on the few pics that you have on your website already. She has given your name and phone number to about three of her friends and they are going to call you. They were very excited!!! Thanks again! Shelly Chandler

Connie, the photographs are AMAZING. You do fabulous work. I believe that you have taken the best photo of me ever. I'm sure we will be ordering some soon. Thanks for your care and attention to detail and helping to make Lisa and Jason's wedding perfect. Loretta Bobzien (mother of the bride)

We love, love, love all of the pictures. We've been spreading the word that the pictures are up now and we've got nothing but great responses from everyone. We are going to have such a hard time choosing the images we want to put in our new picture frames! Thank you so much! Joy and Michael

We all love the pictures. Thank you for such a great job. I loved the way you were able to capture Lindsey and Alex in their "normal" behavior. Of course I love the ones where one is in focus and the other isn't; also 2212 with Lindsey and the flowers with partial sunshine. With each scenery there are pictures that are just too nice not to have... Thank you very much, Brenda

Connie, The pictures of Alexandria are beautiful!! Thank you so much for all your patience with her (and us)! We are very pleased with the way everything turned out and will place our order tomorrow or the next day. Thanks!

Connie, We are going to go with the whole disc of pictures!!! I will have a check for you in an envelope in the office... we absolutely love our pictures and now we can use so many of them for our wedding!!! You did a beautiful job with our pictures and you made us feel so comfortable!! Thank you so much! We will cherish these photos forever! Thanks, Brittany