When considering the price, understand that there is more involved in producing a portrait than pressing a shutter button. Being a photographer requires all the normal time and expenses associated with any business (image transfer and processing, bookkeeping, sales tax collection and remittance, image editing and archival, advertising, equipment, continuing education, and so on). Please also understand that it is difficult to put a price on what is really commissioned artwork. If you are comparison shopping, you will find that my pricing is generally in the moderate range.



The session fee secures my time and talent for the shoot and includes post-processing and image editing.  My image editing includes blemish removal, background enhancements, subtle body shaping and other retouching as needed. The session fee covers everything we do during your session: there are no hidden costs for pose changes, clothing changes, extra people, and so on. The session fee is based on the amount of time you choose for our session, and we will discuss which one is right for you.  Unless otherwise specified, session fees are for my time only and do not include prints or files.  My 2017 session fees are as follows:

  • One Hour Weekday Session:  $120
  • One Hour Evening/Weekend Session: $140
  • Two Hour Weekday Session:  $180
  • Two Hour Evening/Weekend Session: $200
  • Professional Headshot Special:  $100 (15 minutes, studio weekday only, five edited digital files included)
  • Little Black Dress Session:  $400 (90 minutes, studio weekday only, edited digital files and mini gift album included)
  • Travel Fee:  $20 minimum (locations outside of Hendricks County)

I also periodically offer boutique sessions, which are short, themed sessions that include edited digital images for only $250.  These currently include Americana sessions, summer sofa sessions, and children's fine art studio sessions.  




Effective November 1, 2016, I will no longer offer standard prints.  The trend over the last few years has been for the majority of my clients to order the digital collection of their images, and I am simply making that trend an official part of my business by discontinuing the expense and overhead of having a full-service online store.  This change is better for my clients, because they will receive every image in their proof portfolio instead of having to choose which of their favorites to print, and it is better for me, because I can focus on producing spectacular images and eliminate the time-consuming process of filling orders and collecting payments.  After November 1, 2016, all clients will be required to purchase the digital collection that corresponds with the length of their session.  Please note that I will still be available to custom-design albums and other products as needed, this change impacts standard prints only.  

Digital collections are $360 for a one-hour session and $460 for a two-hour session.  

If you are unsure about how to get the best prints from your digital collection, please understand that my recommended lab partner creates portraits using high-quality, professional photographic paper that includes several finish options.  They also rely on traditional silver-halide photographic paper. That means that your images will not be printed with ink through a computer printer. Even the most expensive archival inks can rub off on the inside of cards when mailed to family and friends, and because of the relative newness of ink prink technology, the longevity of ink-based portraits is questionable.

Because computer screen images are lit from behind and paper prints are lit from the front, remember that the images you proof on screen may appear brighter than your final portraits. Also, monitor settings can vary tremendously in terms of brightness, contrast and colors. Consequently, it is impossible to say that your final portraits will match exactly what you see on screen.