Seasonally I often offer a limited number of boutique sessions... these are half-the-cost, half-the-time of a regular session and each has a specific theme.  For only $250, clients receive a 30 minute session + edited digital collection of beautiful images based on the theme of their choice.  Current themes include the following:

Piano Session -  These beautiful sessions take place in the morning only, and feature a gorgeous vintage piano in a small meadow.  This is a perfect way to get the relaxed, rustic texture of a fall meadow, but with the added luxury of a reclaimed piano. We will also take a few images without the piano so that you get a variety of looks.  

Creek or Lake Session - These serene images feature water as a key design element that connects the subject to nature.   These sessions take place in a variety of local creeks and ponds.  

Truck Session - These images feature an outdoor  scene around a vintage Studebaker pickup. 

Woodland Wonder Session - These sessions are for highly styled, sun-drenched images in a heavily forested area.  

Campfire Session - These sessions include the crackling warmth and glow of a fall fire... think plaid shirts and your favorite fall boots. 

Summer Sofa Session - These sessions are perfect for families, and include one of a variety of sofa sets in the woods or a field... the perfect combination of rustic and sophisticated. Sessions take place on summer evenings between 6:00 and 8:30 p.m.  The results are warm, weathered, and down-to-earth.   

Americana Session - these are outdoor images featuring a vintage American Flag and/or a 1940's salvaged Studebaker pickup truck.  The materials are striking and so are the final images. 

Fine Art Studio Children's Portraits - these are studio images that feature simple and luxurious deep gray tones.  Please note that these sessions are intended for children who are developmentally ready to follow easy instructions.  The final images are perfect to display in designed interiors.

Please note that boutique sessions are available for the listed themed shoots only.